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Solly's Garden

      "The play was a tremendous success in our community and we recommend it to all Jewish communities" - Rabbi Yishai Lisner, Rosh Kollel Torah Mitzion Montreal
      "I highly recommend this production. For young and old it is an inspirational, entertaining and professional performance" - Rabbi Emanuel Carlebach, House of Israel Congregation, Quebec

Manhattanite Shawn Kaufman is a successful businessman about to make it big. His reclusive cousin Solly is a newly observant Jew who lives on a remote outpost in Israel's Samarian mountains. The two could not be more far apart and different, but a twist of fate throws them together and what follows will change both of the cousins' lives forever.

This brilliant one man play is a piece of contemporary Jewish theater which goes to the heart of today's American/Jewish experience. Solly's Garden is not to be missed.

For more information please contact info@12tribefilms.org

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Solly's Garden Recommendation Torah Mitzaion of Montreal Recommendation
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