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We offer a wide variety of projects to meet your programming needs. From documentaries to art exhibits to dance troupes, we cross the spectrum of entertaining and inspirational programs about the Jewish people and the land of Israel.
Themed Package
  Celebrate Israel's Anniversary!


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  Sderot Programs

Contact us to find out about scheduling some of the following special movie screenings, plays, art exhibits and ...  [ more ]

  One of the Lamed-Vav [ more ]
  Hitnaari [ more ]
  Home Game

“Home Game” is a captivating new film that encapsulates the surreal story of normal teenagers trying to continue ...  [ more ]

  Alone on the Ramparts

See this new film following the footsteps of fighters in the battle for the Old City of Jerusalem in the ...  [ more ]

  The Triumph of Spirit

A film about the life and personality of Dror Weinberg, a high ranking combat soldier in the Israeli army who was seen ...  [ more ]


In conjunction with Chutzpah Productions, 12Tribes presents a powerful film made by ...  [ more ]

  In the Freiman's Kitchen

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Art Exhibit
  The Sun Series

"The Sun Series: Meditation, Light, and Healing": Share the beautiful artistic visions of world-renowned Artist, Holocuast Survivor, and ...  [ more ]

  Sderot Media Center Picture Exhibit and Presentation ...  [ more ]
  Solly's Garden

Manhattanite Shawn Kaufman is a successful businessman about to make it big. His reclusive cousin Solly is a ...  [ more ]

  Life Under Fire in Sderot

Performed in Boston Synagogues and the Brooklyn College in New York, this eye opening play, put on by ...  [ more ]

  Impact Israel

Exposing Iran. Making a case for Israel and the West.

If helping ...  [ more ]

In Production
  Joy of Israel with Jamie Geller The Joy of Israel with Jamie Geller is an online web video series, that will be converted into ...  [ more ]
  The Lost Buttons

The extraodinary journey of 8th grade students from Efrat, Israel, that allowed them to better comprehend the Holocaust. Collecting ...  [ more ]

  Hill 769

The ...  [ more ]

  Moses Rap

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Special Event
  12Tribe Films Facebook Network We created a network of facebook pages to promote videos about Israel and the Jewish people. We have ...  [ more ]
  Jewish Cinema ...  [ more ]
  Join the Mishnathon in Support of Sderot

This Mishanthon for Sderot

Learn Torah to help the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva continue to support the community of ...  [ more ]

  Camp Programs [ more ]
  Retirement Home Programs

Learning about Israel and the Jewish People

Our educational and entertaining programs, using movies and plays based ...  [ more ]

  "Cinema as Midrash" Year Course

A special offering for one year programs in Israel.

- Learning how to use cinema to give across Torah ...  [ more ]