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Join the Mishnathon in Support of Sderot

This Mishanthon for Sderot

Learn Torah to help the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva continue to support the community of Sderot

The situation in Sderot remains unsettling with rockets falling on the community on a daily basis. Despite the situation, the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva has continued to flourish with over 500 students and has become a pillar in the community, reaching out to those in need, from all walks of life, during these difficult times.

Now the Yeshiva is embarking on a major campaign to construct new "kassam proof" dormitories on campus. These units are in immediate need, as the students were forced off campus and into temporary housing since their dormitories were deemed unsafe from rocket attacks. 

The Sderot Mishnathon allows all to learn together and help an institution that is helping the people of Sderot. Dedicate part of Shavuot night to learning a number of Mishnayot for Sderot and seek sponsorships from family and friends.

Have your congregation, school or Yeshiva join the Mishnathon.

To join please send an email to avi@12tribefilms.org to request the Mishnathon program packet with all the materials you need to run or participate in the Mishnathon.

All the monies donated via your organization or community Mishnathon participant sponsors will be donated directly to the Sderot Hesder Yeshiva.

Contact avi@12tribefilms.org to receive the Mishnathon program packet for your congregation, school, Yeshiva or for yourself.

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