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12Tribe Films is dedicated to inspiring activism, involvement, and social responsibility. Proceeds from 12Tribe Films programs goes towards our continous efforts to arrange screenings around the world to raise awareness for the issues they represent, support the production of new projects as well as support the causes the projects represent. To get involved, please consider the following opportunities:

Host a Screening: Help us raise awareness and funds for a cause by hosting a screening in your community or organization. To find out how to obtain a license and organize a screening please contact us at screenings@12tribefilms.org

Donate Now: We rely on donations like yours to sponsor community screenings, create awareness for the films in print and Internet media, as well as produce new films. Please support our projects today through a generous donation by clicking here.

Support our Charities: Many of our educational projects were created to raise awareness for various issues and causes. Please see below for a list of organizations in need of both volunteer and financial support:
  • JobKatif JobKatif is an organization dedicated to rebuilding lives and restoring dignity, by securing employment and developing new businesses for the former residents of Gush Katif.
  • Friends of Gush Katif Friends of Gush Katif Committee has done an intensive mapping of the communities after the evacuation and the dispersion in various locations throughout Israel. They have the information about the whereabouts of the families, their employment status and financial needs, the schools attended by the children, and more. Through the network of community coordinators they maintain close contact with all of the communities and are attentive to the particular needs of each one of them.
  • Rebuilding Netzer Hazani The film "Home Game" was based in the Israeli settlement of Netzer Hazani. This settlement was founded in 1977 and was a very tight-knit community. Funding is devoted to helping this community rebuild.
  • Sderot Media Center SderotMedia.com is an independent website that brings you the HUMAN story behind the headlines. The fear, the story, and the human suffering that occurs is documented by exclusive news stories, features, photos and films.
Become an Executive Producer: We have many new film ideas in line for production and distribution. Become an Executive Producer by sponsoring one of these films so people worldwide will be exposed to their messages. For more information, please contact us at info@12tribefilms.org.

Add us on Facebook: Help us use the social network to spread the word about our important projects and join the 12Tribe Films Page today.