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In the Freiman's Kitchen

      "This is a remarkable and important movie" - Menashe Samira, CEO of Israel's 2nd Broadcast Authority
      "This movie is rare in it's power and the best film made yet dealing with the Disengagement" - Ori Levi, Israel TV Channel 1

Gush Katif, 2005. The Freiman couple, Yaakov (78) and Miriam (68), follow the meticulous routine that is natural for their age. A crisis on a national scale threatens their entire system of personal loyalties their life as a couple, their religious convictions, and value system. They suddenly face an ordeal, the likes of which they have never experienced before! To deal with this crisis and as a function of their age, they construct a fortress around their daily kitchen routine. This intimate film contains pain, emotion, and sometimes, a smile. It is a glimpse of an aging couples relationship and beliefs during a critical time.

Prodocer.: Nachum Landau
Director.: Hadar Bashan
Photographer.: Lior Cohen
Editor.: Kobi Plomnick
Original Score: Amit Cohen

Film Festivals

Jerusalem Film Festival 2007

Winner: Best Documentary Aware - International Women Film Festival, Rehovot 2007


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