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Impact Israel

      "This program is important in order to inspire people to action and encourage them to use their democratic power to change our world for the better” - Herb Bernstein, Exec. Producer

Exposing Iran. Making a case for Israel and the West.

If helping Israel's PR effort is important to you then please sign up below to assist us in making this TV program a success.

Opportunity for organizations to partner with us and use this program for their own organizational fundraising.

Opportunity for individuals to partner with us and help create awareness for this important topic

Many people do not understand that Israel is the frontline of the democratic and Western world in the Middle East.

You know this information well and now we are asking you for your support in making sure others around the world hear this information too.

IMPACT ISRAEL will make sure our voices are heard on these issues constantly.

The IMPACT ISRAEL production team include the talented people who made the worldwide distributed "Jerusalem Online" television program a success in the 1990's .

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