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12Tribe Films is geared towards developing films and creative projects that are educational, informative, and inspirational in nature.

We rely on donations like yours to support our causes, sponsor community screenings, create awareness for our films as well as produce new films.

Please support our projects today through a generous donation. Your contribution not only helps us create further awareness, but it assists us in enabling many others to donate towards the causes our projects represent.

If you are interested in having your donation support a specific project please send us an email with the donation details and the project/s you would like your donation to support.

Thank you for your generous donation and helping us harness the visual media to spread these important messages!
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12Tribe Films
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Become an Executive Producer
We have many new film ideas in line for production on important issues that will make a huge impact. Become an Executive Producer by sponsoring one of these films. For more information, please contact us at info@12tribefilms.org.