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 About Us
12Tribe Films is dedicated to promoting creative projects about the Jewish people and the land of Israel that connect, entertain, and inspire. As the name of the organization suggests, our creative projects address Jewish issues, with a greater focus on the Jewish values that connect us as a whole. While the projects of 12Tribe Films address religious, political, sociological, and current events effecting Israel and the Jewish people, our goal is to be an informative and educational resource that focuses on the underlying Jewish values and human experiences beneath the issues.

Our History

12Tribe Films is the evolution of a personal mission that began in 2005 when the organization's founder, Avi Abelow, took a month's leave of absence as a full-time Change Management consultant to join the struggle against the Gush Katif "disengagement" plan in Israel. He spent time with the families in Gush Katif and felt so moved by their plight that he felt compelled to make a film about these experiences. While the media was focusing on the political aspect of the situation, Avi wanted the public to see and hear a different aspect of the story the human story of what the families of Gush Katif experienced firsthand. With little to no experience in filmmaking or fundraising, Avi found the resources and funding to bring the movie "Home Game" to the world.

After having developed "Home Game", Avi subsequently founded 12Tribe Films and is now devoting his efforts to creating, supporting, and producing films geared towards educating, inspiring, and connecting Jews around the world.

Meet The Team

We are currently operating with an efficient and experienced team of professionals devoted to furthering the mission of 12Tribe Films Foundation. Collectively, the team has over twenty years of experience in the fields of Management, Internet Marketing, and Film.

Avi Abelow
Founder and CEO of 12Tribe Films
Avi is an organizational psychologist with 7 years of management consulting experience. His experience includes developing and implementing change management strategies and IT system implementations for Fortune 500 companies in the United States as well as for one of the top Banks in Israel. In addition, he has a vast background in informal education both in the United States and Israel. Avi's premier film production is Home Game.

Film Director
Yaron is the owner of "ProducShane" – a Film Production company which provides editing and filming services and develops and produces documentaries, dramas and experimental films. Yaron is a graduate of the Film and Television department at Hadassah College, Jerusalem. He is also a graduate of the Creative Producer Workshop established by Tel Aviv, Los Angeles and the University of Tel Aviv. Yaron has directed many short films, Home Game is his premier feature documentary.