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The Sun Series

      "There are millions of artists and thousands of Kabbalists, but an artist that is a student of Kabbalah is a rare phenomenon." -- The Admor of Stretten

"The Sun Series: Meditation, Light, and Healing": Share the beautiful artistic visions of world-renowned Artist, Holocuast Survivor, and Kabbalah student -- Moshe Tzvi HaLevi Berger. Best known for having painted, developed, and founded the "Museum of Psalms" in the heart of Jerusalem -- Moshe Tzvi's latest undertaking is a series of 42 paintings designed to inspire healing of the mind, body, and soul. Truly stunning as art, these paintings are not only visual experiences, but also transformative ones, as they tend to have a deep emotional, inspirational and healing impact on people of all ages, faiths and denominations.

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Media Reviews

New Exhibit Opens at Kabbalistic Museum of Psalms Museum of Psalms Opens New Exhibit by 83 year old Artist & Holocaust Survivor
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