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Welcome to the 12Tribe Films - We specialize in providing movies and cultural programs that show a side of the Jewish and Israeli narrative that receives little attention in the public discourse today. Whether you're with an organization, synagogue, temple, camp, or community center, we aim to provide you with movies and cultural programs that will allow your audience to develop a more comprehensive understanding of today's complex reality for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel today. We offer various programs for children, teens, and adults with themes centered around Jewish holidays, current events, and the land of Israel.
 Current Projects
In Production
Joy of Israel with Jamie Geller:
The Joy of Israel with Jamie Geller is an online web video series, that will be converted into ...  [ more ]
Special Event
12Tribe Films Facebook Network:
We created a network of facebook pages to promote videos about Israel and the Jewish people. We have ...  [ more ]
One of the Lamed-Vav:
[ more ]
Themed Package
Sderot Programs:

Contact us to find out about scheduling some of the following special movie screenings, plays, art exhibits and ...  [ more ]

Home Game:

“Home Game” is a captivating new film that encapsulates the surreal story of normal teenagers trying to continue ...  [ more ]

In the Freiman's Kitchen:

[ more ]

 Organizing Programs
Contact us at . screenings@12tribefilms.org to find out how to obtain a license and organize a program
   For Filmmakers
For films that follow the mission of 12Tribe Films, we offer guidance, resources, and support throughout the filmmaking process.
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